Bread Angels bread baking business community

Once you’ve completed the bread baking business course, you’ll become part of the Bread Angels (BA) community.

Purple Loaf Bread Angels get together Apr 2017

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This engaged, lively group is made up of passionate bread bakers who are also pursuing their goal to bake and sell bread from home. They have completed this course, either with me or another Bread Angels tutor. Please note that there is no obligation to start a business once you’ve completed the course, and BAs are not a franchise or anything similar. But if you do go ahead, there are many benefits of being part of this community, including:

  • Private Facebook page where you can seek support and ask questions about baking and running your business from home. It’s a very supportive community and many members will have had similar experiences.
  • Access to discounts on goods such as flour and equipment
  • Access to relevant press opportunities via the BAs mailing list
  • Invitations to BA get togethers (there is usually at least one a year)
  • Access to on-going training with other BAs – offer to lend a hand on a bake day or teaching day and gain more experience
  • Opportunity, once you have completed at least three months baking and selling bread, to teach Bread Angel bread making courses and sell these through the Bread Angels online booking site
Bread Angels at a market

Bread Angels running a market stall together


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Is there a membership fee?

The cost of your first year’s membership is included within your course fee, and the year starts once you complete the course. After the first year, membership is £60/year.

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