Social media support for food start ups

There’s plenty to do when you’re starting up a food business. Shouting loud and proud about your new business should be one of them, especially on social media. From engaging potential customers to promoting your new products, there are plenty of benefits. If you’re a start-up food business and would like to understand more about using social media effectively in your new food business, from what to post where and when, book a one-to-one social media support call with me today.

How can I help you?

Supporting food start-ups with their social media is a key part of my bread baking business course, which I’ve run over the last two years. I now offer social media support to any new food start-ups, via one-to-one calls. If you have a new food start-up, or would like support with using social media more effectively in your new business, book a call with me today. There are two options.

1 Review of your existing social media accounts or support to establish them

A 30 minute call, via Skype or FaceTime, to review your existing business social media accounts, or advice on setting them up as applicable.

Following the call, I will send through the following:

– Up to 10 suggested improvements (or tips for setting up) to your social media sites

– Up to 5 content creation ideas that you can use on your social media sites

I’ll send out a short survey before our call, plus a request for links to accounts that you’d like me to review. Please note my advice will centre on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at this time.

2 Social media training call

If you’d like to understand more about using social media effectively in your small food business, from what to post where and when, I can help. Book a one hour training call plus follow up.

The call can cover:

  • Why you should use social media to promote your new food business
  • How to create content your potential customers will love (and share and engage with!)
  • How to fit running your social media around a busy working life
  • Tips on increasing your followers and, more importantly, encouraging them to share and engage with your accounts
  • Please note the discussion will focus mainly on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

My experience with using social media in a food business

When I started my bread baking business, The Epsom Bakehouse in 2013, I knew no-one in my local community and turned to social media to promote my business. Online networking and marketing is now crucial to growing my business. I use Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as well as a website and email newsletter. Being online means I’ve also connected with other businesses, as well as journalists and business support organisations. I’ve discovered everything from training schemes to press opportunities simply from having an online presence.

As well as being self-taught, I completed a course that trained women to use digital marketing in their businesses. Via my strong social media presence, I was awarded Jacqueline Gold’s Women on Wednesday (#WOW) award in September 2016 and Theo Paphitis’ Small Business Sunday (#SBS) in May 2017.

How you can book and what you will receive

  • Contact me (Rhiannon) to book your choice of call – I am usually available Tuesday – Thursday 9am – 5pm for calls but please let me know if that’s not suitable
  • Complete a short pre-call questionnaire to tell me more about your current business use of social media and what you’d like help with
  • Complete the call via Skype. Please let me know if this is not suitable for you and we’ll find another way to chat.
  • Receive a follow-up email after the call, with a summary of the discussion and key action points for you
  • Email me up to a month after the call with any further queries

How much does it cost?

For a half-hour call plus follow up email, the cost is £30.

For a one-hour call, follow up email and action points, plus access to email me further questions for a month, the cost is £60.

How to pay

Firstly, contact me to agree a time and date for your call. I’m usually available Tuesday to Thursday 9am – 5pm, but please let me know if another time would work better for you.

To confirm your call, please make payment in full. I can accept payment via PayPal (no account required) or BACs transfer if you would prefer.